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...Get Govt. Approved Professional Practice Certification

You already know you have it in you to create real change and powerful results for yourself and your clients.

But deep down, you feel as if you’re fighting an invisible, glass ceiling of anxiety, fear and self-doubt. 


I intend to guide you in the right direction, towards your soul purpose as early as possible so that
you can enjoy and grow in life faster. I wish that a great soul like you won’t
go through the unnecessary hardships. Do embrace the opportunity NOW

The harder you try to make it work — the harder it gets to reach to your goals. Why is that? – Know through Akashic Records for your self and for your clients.

Allow us to give you the ‘Missing Ingredient’ of Resolving your Karma and leading a prosperous life for yourself and for your clients.

One cannot go into the Akashic Records with surface level energy alignment and so it does not work. 

To resolve an issue , first step is to know the ' why '

Covering Akashic Records basics to advanced healing techniques, our program welcomes all levels of expertise.

We empower your Akashic Healing passion to thrive as a fulfilling career. Get the tools and know-how to establish your own practice.

Connect with fellow Akashic Healing enthusiasts in our supportive community. Benefit from support, networking, and shared experiences.

You do not acess Akashic records just theoretical - it is practical and LIVE experiences of doing Akashic Healing

You can never get this POWER through YOUTUBE or Whatsapp trainings.. .

...and create freedom from negative situations and patterns in your life

The most powerful, effective way to use the power of energy is by understanding the laws behind how it works and flows.

Once you learn the “Rules of the Game’ - everything will start flowing with ease:

Meet Neha Singla

Master Spiritual Life Coach, Soul Blueprint reader and Trainer.

Recognized as a phenomenal Spiritual Coach and worked with 2500+ healers working towards their transformations

She has helped hundreds of people around the world in achieving their potential , wisdom and wealth goals. 

She has brought Akashic Healing Mastery with profound energy channeling, digital support to launch business for akashic healer coaches and that too with a certification which is govt. affiliated.

Nehaa Singla is featured for her effort of bringing Soul entrepreneurship 


Akashic Healing Mastery

A unique 7-week training designed to help you to learn Akashic records, access your soul contracts, resolve money, health, wealth and relationship issues.

A one of a kind, unforgettable digital experience

designed to help you create powerful, lasting energetic alignment for yourself and your clients

Spiritual Life Coaching is a 4-week digital quest uniquely designed to help you rediscover forgotten, ancient knowledge that will allow you to literally reshape your reality and transform into the most successful, abundant version of yourself.

Packed with actionable principles and practical tools, this quest will not only help you create massive shifts in your life – as you grow into and embody the person you were always meant to be..

..but will also allow you to immediately apply everything you learn into your coaching practice to confidently and powerfully elevate your clients to new heights.

What results can you expect?

Master creating deep transformations and lasting change

Learn powerful tools and techniques to catalyze a lasting transformation for yourself and your clients.

Create ease, flow and freedom in your coaching

Easily solve and eliminate conflicts, challenges, obstacles and blocks within your coaching sessions or in personal situations.

Gain fearless and authentic coaching confidence

Overcome doubt, build genuine confidence and create the kind of life-changing impact you’ve been dreaming of making with your clients.

Create powerful results for clients without depending on tools, exercises or worksheets

Quickly sense and diagnose deep fears and challenges your client isn’t even aware of, and effortlessly guide them toward aligned solutions.

Consciously create loving, supportive relationships

Create effortless connection with others, and grow a powerful, inspiring, supportive network of clients, colleagues and relationships in all areas of your life and work.

Easily attune to higher vibrational states

Coach clients to align with high vibrational states -- so they can rapidly attract more abundance, love, radiant health, and anything else they desire.

Easily unhook from unwanted habits (using zero willpower)

Guide clients to effortlessly release unwanted habits for good, while helping them adopt positive new habits that stand the test of time.

Coach your clients to achieve seemingly impossible goals

Learn how to coach your clients to shift their energy at will so they can shape a new reality and achieve seemingly unattainable goals.

Gain massive clarity and connect to your true purpose

Easily recognize your client’s true purpose so they can make the right decisions and choices as they navigate life’s challenges.

What students say

“Having worked with Christy changed my life.”

Even when I am confronted with big challenges in life, I know how to navigate with more ease and flow and quickly turn situations in a positive direction. I have integrated lots of tools and processes and awareness that makes me feel more alive, more expansive and capable to make a huge impact in other’s life as well.

I built so much confidence and skills that I now have written two books that became

Amazon bestsellers.

Charlotte Friborg

Let’s Recap

Here's everything you get, learn and experience

What you get:

The comprehensive “Spiritual Life Coaching” 4 week digital experience

This one-of-a-kind program is designed to give you all the tools you need to master your energy and create a powerful new reality for yourself and your clients.


BONUS: A powerful, LIVE call with Christy Whitman

Get direct access to Christy as she shares her expert input, insights and guidance to accelerate your success in the program, and get the chance to ask Christy herself any of your burning questions.

($199 Value)

BONUS: Transformational, weekly meditations

Integrate everything you’ve learned throughout each week of the course into your being through our empowering weekly meditations. These will connect your unconscious to the key principles in the program in order to comprehend and embody what you’ve learned effortlessly.


BONUS: The super handy Spiritual Life Coach guidebook

This powerful and incredibly handy 32-page guidebook includes every single, process, technique, concept and activity in this entire program, so you have everything you need to practice, implement or coach your clients in one, easy-to-refer guidebook.


BONUS: Quick energy tune-up flashcards

Download gorgeous, exclusively-designed Flash Cards to help you easily grasp crucial, key concepts — whether during a coaching call or whenever you need to.

($60 Value)

BONUS: An Evercoach certification of completion

Prove and display your new found spiritual-coaching skills with a beautifully designed, authentic certificate you can print, frame or simply display on your website or share on social media.

($199 Value)

Total value: $950

Total investment today: only $300

Let’s Summarize

Here's everything you get, learn and experience

What you get:

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are the 1st Govt. affiliated certificate providers that boost your credibility in the industry.

Yes, we will provide landing page, its content and building your authority in many ways under our Akashic Healing Mastery

It will be LIVE workshops and you will get recordings of the workshops to relook and revise the content.

Yes, you have a partial payment plan. Discuss it with our team at 9310319195.

You can book a discovery call for 15 minutes for more clarity.

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