Energy Healing and Training


Mahua Chakraborty

Mahua had her attunement session with Nehaa Singla ( founder of Magical healings). She wanted to have more flow of universal knowledge and alignment with her clients. It was a 7- day customized healing session. After the session, some clients and students of Mahua started appreciating and acknowledging more. It was one of her intentions out of this session series. 


Sakshi is a fashion blogger and consulted Nehaa at a crossroad situation in her life. And wanted to alleviate her energy to come across the situation. Nehaa also attuned her to have a healing connection with tarot cards. She was recommended an 11-day session series to be capable to take the right decision, coping with the stress, and living a fulfilled life with clarity. She says that she has clarity in her life more than ever before.