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About Us

About Magical Healings

Not limited by the certifications of healing modalities from corners of the world such as Reiki Grandmaster, ThetaHealing expert, Angel healing trainer , Oracle card trainer, Life coach, Karmic healing, etc, she gained deep experiential learning.She has worked with 200+ healers or future healers to attune their energy so that they can channel and tap into their own power & access the world from a different perspective. 

but there is always more to learn and that is called Magic. The magic which keeps telling you to explore more and more.. 

Though her education defines her as computer engineering, since childhood she had a deep quest of searching for something unknown which made her study numerous books, videos, and most of the above her experiential journey. 

Unlike many other compassionate souls, at the below-zero point in my personal life, my professional life was snatched away, and seen many many dusty and dirty colors of life and people. 

It awakened me every time deeper than ever before and here I decided not to stop but realized it is my duty to rise above it and to live for my life purpose and with my life purpose. Rest is just a History … .. 

Our Vision

To empower healers and people who intensely feel to help other lives on this planet through energy healing and techniques. 

Our  inner world is womb of mystic energy having the real power and this is our duty to access our inner world.  – Nehaa Singla 

‘ Common between Magic and success is Faith’ – so Let’s begin

I have seen people doing multiple programs and training – Inner child healing, chakra healing, number of healing modalities, and so on. 
So I and my team at Magical healings have developed a few programs offering you the capacity and capability for 360-degree transformation in the best possible ways. 

Quick Fix Programs 

Healings – Various healing programs based on a number of days for specific issues such as health issue, kids healing, aura cleaning etc. ( Minimum no of days: 7 ) 

Karmic – Deeper healings including akashic records healing. Minimum no of days 21 days

Spiritual Counseling; Most recommended to interact one on one with Nehaa Singla and also have a 3 day follow-up and healing from her. Includes intense energy healings and attunements or a combination of healings guided to her such as aura cleansing, chakra strengthening, past life regression, chord cutting , akashic healing, and much more.