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Imagine a space filled with bright light and energy, where every event, thought, and emotion is stored like a cosmic library — these are the Akashic Records.  Hey I am Luvleen Oberoi , certified Aakshic Reader. She reads the Akashic Records – a kind of invisible, spiritual book about our lives – to help people find their way. She uses old secrets to
guide us through tough times and make big decisions. When you talk to Luvleen, it’s more than just a meeting; it’s a life-changing moment that helps you become your best self and find your true path in life. 

How akashic records helped me in my Tarot also... Watch the below video

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Unlock Your Life's Story with Luvleen Oberoi

Luvleen Oberoi helps people understand their life better by reading their Akashic Records. She’s like a wise friend who can read an invisible book about your life, giving you clear advice.

How Akashic Readings can be useful ?

Open-mindedness and commitment to growth are the key. Remember,
Akashic reading compliments and not replace professional advice.

Accredited Akashic Reading Certification

Luvleen Oberoi is a certified Akashic Trainer , received her training under the mystic Nehaa Singla ( founder of Magical Healings & Noruche ). Her work is published and acknowleged by various media channels. 

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